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EuroCanals Guide: Cruising the Seine and the Canals of Paris

This cruising guide for the Seine river and the canals of Paris provides information for those traveling by canal cruiser, river ship, barge, bicycle, on foot or even as car or rail tourists.

It not only shows “Where You Can Go” but also why you might want to go there.

Included are maps, photos and descriptions of towns and sights along the entire river Seine, from sea to source, with special attention to Paris.

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Welcome to my Canals of Paris website, devoted to the section of Paris which I learned to love during my year-long stay in 2000-2001, followed by many visits in the years after. I have begun the process of putting online my photos, maps and descriptions of this part of the city, a process that will never be completed. Please check back occasionally for new additions.

Thanks for visiting ....Tom Sommers

The major waterway in Paris is of course the river Seine. But there are also three canals that are owned and managed by Ville de Paris, a situation unique in France. Each canal is very different from the others:

Canal St Martin

Canal St Denis

Canal de l'Ourcq

Links to useful maps:

Download the official map of Paris waterways

Download the Paris metro/RER rail map


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Canal St Martin


Canal St Denis


Canal de l'Ourcq






Canal St Martin






Port de Plaisance de Paris-Arsenal (Marina)


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Canal St Martin


Père Lachaise


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